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Undercoating Rustproofing Undercoating

Ultimate undercoating for trucks

Undercoating is used to seal the underside of your vehicle to protect it against road salts, dirt, and stone and gravel abrasions.


Undercoating even acts as a sound deadener, so you can enjoy a quieter ride. Give your truck's underbody and wheel wells a uniform appearance with undercoating!

Protective truck undercoating and rustproofing products

Safeguard your truck by applying undercoating and rustproofing products by Line-X.


Visit us to give your vehicle the protection it deserves.

Effective rust inhibitor

Line-X uses a rust inhibitor that provides maximum protection to truck cavities, crevices, and areas that are prone to rust.


The rust inhibitor application will extend the life of your truck's outer panel, which can increase your vehicle's resale value. Call us at 860-216-6180 with any questions.

Visit 192 Ledyard Street to see our great inventory of truck options.

You'll be happy to know that Line-X offers a nationwide lifetime warranty that's supported by every single Line-X franchisee.

We have been applying Line-X bed liners since 2004, so we'll give you the quality that comes with experience.