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Reasons to use Line-X coatings

  • Resistant to most solvents and acids

  • Watertight

  • Impact resistant

  • High tensile strength — up to 6,000 psi

  • High Shore D hardness

  • Abrasion resistant

  • Extends equipment and vehicle longevity

Top-tier commercial industrial Line-X coatings

Line-X can protect more than just bed liners. Let us apply spray-on protective coatings to almost anything. A wide variety of high-quality industrial materials is available to choose from. Visit us now so we can help find the perfect coating for your needs.

XS-100 hybrid is the best

Line-X XS-100 hybrid is a durable product that's ideal for truck beds because it protects against abrasion, corrosion, and impact.


Come to our locally owned and operated business in Hartford, CT to buy all the Line-X products you need to protect your truck.

Visit 192 Ledyard Street to see our great inventory of truck options and protective gear.

Rest easy knowing that each Line-X product comes with a nationwide lifetime warranty that's supported by every Line-X franchisee.

Rely on a company that has more than 12 years of experience.